What I do

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Multimedia Services

Podcast | Radio Show | Livestream

Multimedia training is for anyone looking to grow an already established podcast, radio show, and/or live streaming social media channel.


Being able to work with you directly means that I get more context about your specific multimedia needs and the goals you are trying to accomplish along your journey. 


Sown On Purpose focuses our efforts to better serve you in 4 key areas:

S – Strategies

O – Objectives

W – Web Presence

N – Niche 


This includes but certainly is not limited to:

* Target audience content strategies

*Content calendar development

*Multimedia production and publishing

*Obtaining advertisers, subscribers, followers…etc.

*Applicable broadcasting programs and equipment

*Podcast hosting recommendations

*Multimedia and social media marketing ideas

*Online programs and digital downloads for guest interview suggestions

Delivery Options:

Multimedia training is conducted via recorded videos lessons and/or live webinars.

Apparel Design Services

T-shirt | Hoodies | Other Items

Are you looking to stand out from the rest? Do you wish you could dress in your brand colors and attract the attention of everyone in the room? We design conversational items that instantly become your statement show piece without you ever having to say a word beforehand.
Red Gold and Black t-shirt
black and white t-shirt
hands, hand, together

Accountability Services

Prayer Partner

SOP understands how challenging life can be at times. The one thing I know is how important having someone with you in any spiritual warfare battle can turn any situation around. Therefore, don’t you hesitate in reaching out to Kimberly. She is here to help you move heaven on your behalf.

Keynote Speaker

Do you need a keynote speaker?

Kimberly Collins is looking forward to speaking at your next virtual or live event.

If you are looking for an exceptional keynote speaker for your next event or conference, consider hiring Kimberly Collins The Educated Natural. I guarantee that you nor your attendees will be disappointed. Simply below to schedule a time for me to contact you to discuss all the details.

Speaking Topics:

How To Turn A Podcast Into A Brand Income Stream
* Use Your Voice As Weapon of Authority
* The Unadulterated Truth About Marriage and Military Life
*Remaining Sown & Rooted During Uncertain Times
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